We are pleased to share the 2016-17 SCN Commissioning Guidance.  This year there are two main differences in our approach:

  1. We heard from you that it was a valuable resource which would be made more valuable by bringing together the advice from our partners as well. This now includes support and guidance from PHE, the Oxford AHSN and HEE.
  2. This year we bring you the guidance as a web portal which aims to be intuitive, convenient and more detailed.

While the Guidance is segmented by the clinical areas covered by the SCN, we would like to stress some underlying principles:

  • Prevention is a key priority for all and is everyone’s responsibility. We are pleased to partner with PHE and bring their message to you with ideas for what needs to be addressed, examples of how it can be done and the potential gain from the initiatives.
  • The integration of mental and physical health is key to providing holistic patient-centred care. This is gaining traction in clinical areas such as perinatal mental health, cardiovascular disease and serious mental illness, the entire long term condition agenda and end of life care.
  • With the significant proportion of health care burden on patients and the system related to long term conditions, the importance of the TV LTC transformational programme cannot be overemphasised. The traction that programme has gained in primary care now needs to be firmly embedded and systematised.
  • The current push for system working gives us all the opportunity to contribute in different ways and at varying levels towards the same aim.
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